We are a team of researchers, education specialists, and Ocean ENthusiasts. All sessions have lifeguard, First Aid, CPR/AED certified staff with the children at all times.

The Team

Mary Cate founded Shark Camp in 2011 while studying Great White Sharks in Mosselbaai, South Africa. She has worked at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Project White Shark), and Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station. She has a passion for education and, of course, sharks!

Kristina is a behaviorist for the Los Gatos School District. She is excellent with our campers and ensures each child gets the one on one attention he or she needs.

Helaina is a recent graduate of University of California Santa Cruz. She works at the Tuna Research and Rehabilitation Center in Monterey, CA. Helaina is excellent in the tide pools and knows more about sea birds than most life long locals. When she's not leading Shark Camp Adventures, she's guiding kayak tours in Elkhorn Slough.