Is my son or daughter the right age for camp?
We are currently advertise for children ages 7-15, but can accommodate younger and older campers. All activities are developed with 3 variations to be adaptable to different age groups and skill levels. Generally, younger campers do well at camp so long as they can keep up with the walking pace of other campers. If your child is younger than 7, please contact us for information.

Is camp overnight?

No. Shark Camp typically runs from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM on Saturday and resumes again Sunday morning. Parents and guardians are welcome to opt-in to our carpool program.

Are staff lifeguard certified?
Yes. All camp sessions have lifeguard, First Aid, CPR/AED certified staff with the children at all times.

Is whale watching provided by a charter?
Yes. Shark Camp works with Santa Cruz Whale Watching (Stagnaro) to provide our whale watching experiences. Stagnaro is insured and U.S. Coast Guard certified.

What type of lunch is provided?
Lunches include a sandwich with meat, cheese, a blondie (chocolate chip cookie bar) and either pasta salad or chips. Salads are also available. A menu is provided with enrollment confirmation. Lunches are provided by Zoccolis.

Do campers need swimsuits?
Swimwear is not required, but may be preferred by some shark campers. Although we do not engage in swimming or snorkeling activities, tide pools can be wet. T-shirts are provided and campers typically like to change into them on the first day. Both camp locations have access to restrooms.

What should my child bring to camp?
A full list will be provided upon enrollment confirmation. Items include a backpack, water bottle, sunscreen, and sweatshirt/jacket. Water shoes are optional.

Where is drop off?

Boat Day drop off is at the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor near Aldo's Restaurant. Beach Day drop off is at Natural Bridges State Beach near the visitor center. Your session guide will indicate which day to go to each location.